DHL Unveils New F1 Livery on Boeing 777 for Singapore Grand Prix

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Formula 1 Livery On Boeing 777

DHL, the Official Logistics Partner for Formula 1 since 2004, has once again demonstrated its pivotal role in the world of motorsport logistics. As the 2023 FIA Formula One World Championship kicks into high gear, DHL unveiled its brand-new Formula 1 livery on a Boeing 777 aircraft, underlining its commitment to the sport and showcasing its key role in transporting equipment for the highly anticipated Singapore Grand Prix.

The logistics involved in organizing a Formula 1 race are astoundingly intricate. With each race held in a different country, there is a substantial amount of equipment that needs to be transported efficiently and on time. DHL has been at the forefront of managing this complex operation since it became the Official Logistics Partner for Formula 1 in 2004. This year’s Singapore Grand Prix, held in East Asia, marks a significant moment in the 2023 FIA Formula One World Championship calendar.

DHL’s new F1 livery was proudly displayed on a Boeing 777, the aircraft used to transport the equipment to Singapore. This transport includes crucial items like broadcast equipment, team gear, hospitality equipment, fuel, and tires, making it a vital part of Formula 1’s logistics puzzle.

The Formula 1 season is a grueling one for DHL’s Motorsports team, covering a staggering distance of more than 93,000 miles by the end of the season. This includes handling six doubleheaders (two back-to-back race weekends), two tripleheaders (three consecutive race weekends), and even the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix scheduled for November.

Sustainability is a top priority for both DHL and Formula 1. Their shared goal is to achieve net-zero emissions by 2030, and they have taken significant steps towards this objective. For the European races this summer, DHL introduced 18 biofuel-powered trucks, running on HVO100 drop-in fuel (hydrotreated vegetable oil). These trucks have significantly reduced emissions, by an average of 83%, compared to standard fuels.

Arjan Sissing, Head of Global Brand Marketing at DHL Group, emphasized their commitment to environmental responsibility, stating, “DHL and Formula 1 are committed to working together to reduce their impact on the environment while continuing to provide a safe and enjoyable event for fans.”

Furthermore, DHL employs multi-modal transport solutions, incorporating overland and ocean freight to optimize the environmental footprint. DHL’s trucks are also equipped with GPS technology to monitor fuel consumption and route optimization.

The first flight of the newly co-branded DHL x Formula 1 Boeing 777 arriving at Singapore’s Changi Airport is a significant milestone, reflecting DHL’s enduring partnership with Formula 1 and its commitment to environmentally conscious logistics.

As Formula 1 enthusiasts gear up for the excitement of the Singapore Grand Prix, DHL is not only transporting the equipment but is also engaging with the community. DHL will display a DHL-branded race car at Raffles Shopping Centre from September 11 to 18 and collaborate with the Singapore Red Cross for a fundraising activity from September 15 to 17. The event aims to support vulnerable communities, including isolated elderly individuals, persons with severe disabilities, and families in need, aligning with DHL’s commitment to making a positive impact beyond the racetrack.


In summary, DHL’s unveiling of its new Formula 1 livery on a Boeing 777 reinforces its vital role as the Official Logistics Partner for Formula 1. With sustainability at the forefront, DHL’s green logistics initiatives are aligned with Formula 1’s ambitious goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2030. As the 2023 FIA Formula One World Championship continues, DHL’s commitment to the environment and its role in delivering the excitement of Formula 1 remains stronger than ever.

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