Ameesha Patel’s Candid Revelations: The Real Story Behind Her Rant Against Anil Sharma

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Gadar 2, the sequel to the iconic Bollywood blockbuster Gadar: Ek Prem Katha, has been creating waves in the film industry. The movie, starring Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel, has not only been a box office sensation but has also managed to keep audiences glued to theaters for over 50 days. However, amidst the euphoria surrounding the film’s success, Ameesha Patel’s recent statements about director Anil Sharma and the film’s production house have raised eyebrows.

The Unveiling of Ameesha Patel’s Rant

Ameesha Patel’s sudden outburst against director Anil Sharma, his production house, and even his son, Utkarsh Sharma, has left many wondering about the underlying reasons. Recent reports suggest that there might be more to Ameesha’s comments than meets the eye.

According to a report by Times Now, the root cause of Ameesha Patel’s dissatisfaction lies in the length of her role in Gadar 2. Allegedly, she expressed her concerns about her character to the filmmaker, Anil Sharma, but her apprehensions fell on deaf ears. Patel apparently conveyed her desire to accompany Sunny Deol’s character on his journey to Pakistan and participate in the action against the antagonist.

A Clash of Visions

Reportedly, Anil Sharma was taken aback by Ameesha’s unexpected request. Despite her persistence, he remained steadfast in his commitment to the script. He firmly conveyed that there would be no changes to her role. In hindsight, it appears that this decision played a pivotal role in the movie’s success.

Gadar 2 currently holds the prestigious second spot on the list of highest-grossing Indian films, indicating that Anil Sharma’s unwavering belief in the script and characters was well-founded.

The Chain Reaction

Ameesha Patel’s criticism of Anil Sharma Productions did not stop at her role length. She made serious allegations of mismanagement within the production team, claiming that technicians and crew members were left stranded during shoots and that there were instances of unpaid dues. Patel even stated that Zee Studios had to intervene to address these issues.

However, her claims were met with skepticism from some members of the production team, who countered her allegations, labeling them as false.

The Utkarsh Sharma Factor

Adding to the complexity of the situation, Ameesha Patel seemed to indirectly comment on Utkarsh Sharma’s career. She insinuated that Anil Sharma was attempting to catapult his son’s career with Gadar 2, but her character, Sakina, and Sunny Deol’s Tara Singh ended up stealing the limelight.

Utkarsh Sharma responded to these comments, seemingly downplaying the limelight aspect but expressing hope that Ameesha’s statements were taken out of context.


In conclusion, Ameesha Patel’s candid revelations have provided a glimpse into the intricate dynamics behind the scenes of Gadar 2. While the movie continues to make headlines for its phenomenal success, the controversies surrounding it have only added to the intrigue. As the story unfolds, it remains to be seen how Ameesha Patel will react to the various reports and responses that have emerged in the wake of her candid remarks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Ameesha Patel’s Rant and Gadar 2 Controversy

1. What led to Ameesha Patel’s recent comments about Anil Sharma and Gadar 2?

Ameesha Patel expressed her dissatisfaction primarily because she felt her role in Gadar 2 was too short. She wished to have a more significant part in the film, particularly in the action sequences involving Sunny Deol’s character. When her requests for changes were not accommodated, she voiced her concerns.

2. How did Anil Sharma respond to Ameesha Patel’s requests?

Anil Sharma, the director of Gadar 2, remained steadfast in his commitment to the original script. He declined to make any changes to Ameesha Patel’s role despite her persistence, ultimately leading to her dissatisfaction.

3. What has been the impact of Anil Sharma’s decision regarding Ameesha Patel’s role?

Anil Sharma’s decision appears to have played a crucial role in Gadar 2‘s success, as the movie currently holds the second spot on the list of highest-grossing Indian films.

4. What other controversies emerged surrounding Gadar 2 and Ameesha Patel’s comments?

Ameesha Patel’s comments extended beyond her role length. She alleged mismanagement within Anil Sharma Productions, including claims of leaving technicians and crew members stranded during shoots and instances of non-payment of dues. These allegations led to further controversies and discussions.

5. Did Ameesha Patel’s claims about mismanagement receive support from the production team?

While Ameesha Patel made serious allegations, some members of the production team disputed her claims, labeling them as false. This led to conflicting accounts of the situation.

6. What did Ameesha Patel imply about Utkarsh Sharma’s career in her comments?

Ameesha Patel seemed to indirectly suggest that Anil Sharma intended to promote his son, Utkarsh Sharma’s, career with Gadar 2. She insinuated that her character, Sakina, and Sunny Deol’s character, Tara Singh, ended up stealing the limelight.

7. How did Utkarsh Sharma respond to Ameesha Patel’s comments about his career?

Utkarsh Sharma responded to Ameesha Patel’s comments by seemingly downplaying the aspect of stealing the limelight. He expressed hope that her statements were taken out of context.

8. What is the current status of the Gadar 2 controversy?

The Gadar 2 controversy remains an ongoing story, with various reports, responses, and statements emerging in the wake of Ameesha Patel’s candid remarks. The situation continues to evolve, and further developments may occur in the future.

Please note that the information provided in these FAQs is based on the context and details available at the time of writing and may be subject to updates or changes.

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